Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use this rubric?

There are many potential uses for this rubric. First, the rubric can promote various preceptor development initiatives (e.g., at the level of the institution, residency program, or schools and colleges of pharmacy). The rubric could also be adopted as a tool to assist in the orientation of pharmacy practice faculty, volunteer, or adjunct faculty, or could be integrated to assess the pre- and post- impact of a teaching and learning curricula (TLC). Currently, there are several TLCs available to practicing pharmacists across the nation, and the academy has been seeking a tool to assess the effectiveness of such curricula beyond participant evaluations. This rubric, in part or in whole, could be employed as part of a preceptor development workshop on a local or national level, with workshop facilitators guiding the preceptor participants through the self-reflection and self-analysis. Finally, this rubric could be used with the guidance of a mentor for setting Continuous Professional Development (CPD) goals as related to precepting. Recognizing the multitude of potential uses for the HOP-R, the research team has made the Rubric readily accessible free of charge for fair use in education.

Is there a cost associated with the use of this rubric? What are the restrictions for use in my own professional circumstances?

All rights in the rubric and its contents (“Rubric”), including any intellectual property rights therein, are the property of Midwestern University, Suzanne Larson, Lindsay E. Davis, Alison Stevens, Shareen El-Ibiary, Gloria Grice, Elizabeth Pogge, Erin Raney, and Tara Storjohann (collectively “Rubric Owners”).

Use of the Rubric is encouraged for fair use in educational purposes, with accurate and appropriate attribution to the Rubric Owners and reference to the website

The Rubric may be accessed free-of-charge. Use of the Rubric for commercial gain is prohibited.

What scholarly articles served as the foundation for the creation of the rubric?

How is this applicable in my practice setting?

For those tasked with training of student and resident pharmacists, the quality of experiential learning can greatly enhance or diminish the quality of learning in practice experiences. The rubric is designed to be applicable to any pharmacy practice experience in any setting, and focuses on global preceptor development concepts rather than practice-specific precepting issues.

Can I request live preceptor development or book a speaking engagement?

Yes! Please submit this request via the “Contact” tab on this website.

What should I do with the results?

Feel free to reach out to the HOP-R team for guidance on creating action steps based on the results of the individual or groups’ results of the HOP-R assessment. Depending on your needs, the results can help an individual pharmacist craft specific professional goals. Or, the results could help an institution or program create an institutional preceptor development curriculum.

The HOP-R seems overwhelming. What can be done to make it less cumbersome?

The research team set out to create a comprehensive rubric that encompassed the overarching qualities that go into effective precepting. As such, when the rubric is viewed in its entirety, it can be overwhelming. The HOP-R team recommends tailoring your HOP-R usage to your specific needs. For example, if your institution is doing a preceptor development session on formative feedback, you may want to include the completion of habit 3.1. Or, if your goal is to provide a global, holistic snapshot of one’s precepting habits, you may want to carve out time to complete the entire rubric. If you would like assistance in using the HOP-R in your specific circumstances, feel free to utilize the “Contact” tab on our website.

I am involved in the precepting of other health-care students and would like to collaborate on modifying the HOP-R to fit the unique needs of my preceptors and learners. How could I go about this?

Reach out to the HOP-R team to share your thoughts with us. We would love to collaborate with other health care professionals to create various versions of the HOP-R (Habits of Preceptors Rubric for Clinical Nurse Educators, Habits of Preceptors Rubric for Medical Preceptors, etc).

What future plans are being considered for the HOP-R?

In the future, the HOP-R team envisions the rubric to be available on an interactive website, with customized reports available to users following completion of the rubric. Additionally, research and future publications are underway, and this website will be updated to note the most current HOP-R research and publications.

I am an RPD/EE Director and I’m looking for an evaluation tool for my preceptors. Could I use the HOP-R for evaluation purposes?

The HOP-R was designed to provide a framework to assist with the development of an engaged preceptor seeking opportunities for further development. It was not designed as an evaluation tool that could be used to rank or stratify preceptors. Due to the comprehensive nature of the rubric, the HOP-R team does not envision this tool to be used as a mandatory assessment.

I’m interested in using the HOP-R for research purposes. Would any of the original HOP-R team like to collaborate?

Yes! We would love to hear about your ideas for using the HOP-R in your particular setting. Use the “Contact” tab to reach out to us to initiate the conversations.

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