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The Habits of Preceptors (HOP) Project was established to assist pharmacists in their professional development as preceptors and clinician educators. The term "habit" is meant to describe observable behaviors (actions) and abilities (knowledge & skills) that are used to optimize meaningful experiential learning of pharmacists-in-training or in practice, from nascent to adept.

The HOP Project began with the development of a RUBRIC (HOP-R) that established, defined, and delineated the ideal "habits" of pharmacist preceptors that facilitates robust assessment of individual preceptor's habits as either a self or stakeholder (e.g., peer, mentor, manager, learner) assessment (i.e., a 360-degree review) for tailored, targeted, long-term, progressive, durable development. The HOP-R is available free for educational use. From the RUBRIC an electronic, automated scoring QUESTIONNAIRE (HOP-Q) was developed and will soon be available for use with permission.

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“To the authors' knowledge, this is a first-in-class rubric developed to identify, quantify, and demonstrate growth across a wide variety of preceptor habits.”
 – Habits of Preceptors Research Team

HOP-R Copyright © 2019 Midwestern University, Suzanne Larson, Lindsay E. Davis, Alison Stevens, Shareen El-Ibiary, Gloria Grice, Elizabeth Pogge, Erin Raney, and Tara Storjohann. All rights reserved.

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